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MaCook Lunchbox - Shahi Tukra
Can good food and good health fit in one box?

Each morning, the question every mom faces is “What shall I pack
for my kid’s lunch today?” School-going children are tempted by
 the media and their peers to indulge in unhealthy food like chips,
 chocolates, packaged goodies and frozen food on a daily basis.
  While kids want their lunch boxes to be filled with new and excit-
   ing food, parents are often short of time to make their kids’
    lunches appealing yet healthy.These unhealthy food choices that
    kids make today can affect the rest of their lives. In the current
     scenario, both parents and school administrators together need
      to take steps towards promoting healthier eating habits among
       their young wards. more >>

A healthy solution

Kids crave for an exciting surprise every
time they open their lunch box.
Parents find it difficult to create healthy meals  
in short spans of time.   

Where do they meet?    

Think outside the box   
– think MaCook Lunchbox    

A brand new product innovation, MaCook Lunchbox aims at       
creating a new perspective on healthy food.        

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MCs Lunchbox - Hyderabadi Pulao

of children above eight years are obese and overweight. Worse still, 18 per cent of children below seven years are obese or overweight. These statistics clearly prove that obesity is a serious problem amongst school kids in India. more >>